The Science Of Shot-Shaping

November 5 at 12:00 PM EST

ADAM YOUNG is the author of “The Practice Manual – The Ultimate Guide for Golfers,” an international best-selling golf book in 5 countries that has been featured on Golf Channel. Adam is a truly holistic golf coach, seeing the game as more than the sum of its parts. Adam’s blog reaches more than a million golfers each year and covers everything from the technical to the philosophical.

A passion for teaching and learning, Adam has studied everything from motor learning research to brain function. He combines knowledge in many different fields to make a more coherent picture of the golfer. Adam possesses a sound understanding of the technical elements of the swing yet understands that great golf is much more than just the way you swing the club.

Adam has worked at some of the top facilities in the world, including Leadbetter Academies and the world-famous Turnberry Resort. He currently teaches in Santa Barbara, California.

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