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We’re proud to offer an all-new lineup of Golfzon Leadbetter University (GLU) Certifications for teaching professionals around the world.

Comprised of online learning modules designed to teach industry pros how to increase player performance through a deep understanding of the various teaching disciplines, each GLU Certification includes lifetime access to multiple GLU courses and an exclusive group for students to learn and collaborate with other like-minded coaches undergoing the same training. Upon completion of coursework, all students receive a Golfzon Leadbetter University Certificate to add to their resumes.

Whether you’re a high school or college golf coach, a high-level amateur looking to lay the foundations for a career as a teaching professional, or just someone interested in learning more about the art and science of golf, there’s a GLU Certification program to help you take your coaching to the next level.

I have always embraced a holistic, team-based approach to golf instruction, and have had the fortune to to befriend some of the greatest minds in the world of golf over the years. I am grateful to be able to combine those brilliant minds into this educational resource for all. 

David Leadbetter
Founder, Master Instructor

GLU Instructors
GLU Certifications

Available GLU Certifications are listed below. Please note that all Learn More links will only work if you are not a member of the Golfzon Leadbetter community platform. Existing community members will need to click here to visit the Courses page, with additional information about each certification program found in the Bundles menu.

Associate Certifications

Join our global network and kickstart your teaching career as a Leadbetter Associate

Our recommended entry point for all aspiring coaches, Leadbetter Associates undergo a 7-week program that includes an estimated 26 hours of text- and video-based learning and provides everything needed to begin your coaching journey. Check out our Associate + option, which comes with GolfNow level 1!

Technical Certification

Deep dive Leadbetter’s “secret sauce,” club fitting, the laws of ball flight and more

Learn about equipment and club fitting, the “secret sauce” of the Leadbetter teaching philosophy, the laws that govern ball flight and how to measure them and more. In addition to a GLU Certificate, students will also achieve TPT Certified Fitter status.

Leadbetter Kids Certification

Develop a sustainable junior golf business and help children build a game for life

Whether you’re a junior golf coach at an existing facility or want to develop your own junior golf program, our Leadbetter Kids Certification has everything you need to take your coaching to the next level.

Mental Certification

Learn about the basics of performance psychology, the Ideal Performance State and more

Instill mental mastery in your students with this course series from the Human Performance Institute’s Dr. Jim Loehr, Golf Digest “Best Young Teacher” Iain Highfield, and Leadbetter’s own Dr. Robert K. Winters.

Physical Certification

Help your players move better, play longer and stay healthier

Take your fitness training to the next level with GLU-exclusive courses on biomechanics, posturology and more from world-renowned fitness experts JJ Rivet, Paul Gagne and the Dr. David Tiberio and Jonathan Moore of the Gray Institute.

Instructor Certification

Take your teaching to the next level by joining the ranks of the Leadbetter Instructors

Our most holistic and in-depth training program, the Leadbetter Instructor training program includes content from the Associate, Technical, Physical, Mental and Leadbetter Kids Certifications along with a number of courses that are exclusive to coaches pursuing Leadbetter Instructor status.

“People skills, self-awareness and the ability to put yourself in children’s shoes are necessities for every level of teaching. Leadbetter Kids Certification not only taught me how to become a better coach, but also how to set a better example for kids.”

Tisha Alyn

Golf Media Personality

“I fully recommend the GLU Certification programs for anyone looking to enhance their coaching skillset and business acumen. The more coaches doing this certification, the more people will be golfing for generations to come.”

Joe Feather

Leadbetter Senior Instructor

“After four months spent working through study and assessments, I’m delighted to earn a Leadbetter Kids Certification and join this great organization. Thanks for all the support from Gavin Grenville-Wood, you’ve been a fantastic guide along the way.”

Roger Shutt

Leadbetter Kids Coach

“After 6 months of hard work and constant learning, I couldn’t be more proud to call myself a Leadbetter Instructor. Many thanks to Stuart and the rest of the Leadbetter team for the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry.”

Jose Rolz

Leadbetter Instructor

Leadbetter Certifications

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Apprentice Program

Gain hands-on experience at LGA’s world headquarters

Aspiring coaches seeking a hands-on approach to learning, look no further! Participants of the Apprentice Program at LGA ChampionsGate in Orlando, FL will assist and shadow some of the world’s best instructors… including David Leadbetter himself!