What is a Leadbetter Online Coach?

A Leadbetter Online Coach is a member of our Online Academy. Online Coaches are passionate about teaching, growing the game, and helping the world play better golf. After passing the Leadbetter Online Qualification program, the sky is the limit. Teach anyone, anywhere. The more you teach, the more profitable your business is. Create your profile, deliver lessons, and build your client base on one simple platform, making your coaching simple, effective, and easy-to-use.

Benefits of becoming a Leadbetter Online Coach

  • Expand your client base by reaching students all over the world
  • Schedule and deliver your lessons on our easy, interactive platform
  • Continue your instruction with existing clients when they travel
  • Access to all courses on our Leadbetter Golf University
  • Winter-proof your instruction business
  • Consistently grow and retain your business by being available anytime, anywhere
  • Have control over your schedule– set your schedule for how much or little you want to coach
  • Use our platform to deliver remote coaching sessions to anyone, anywhere in the world
  • Be the first to know about our Webinars
  • Access to our online lesson system and the 1,000s of golfers around the world who use it every year

How do I teach ONLINE?

Connecting with your students is easy through our interactive platform. Students can request a lesson with you through a few different avenues.

  • One-on-one lessons
    • Students can request one-on-one live lessons with you to receive personalized instruction through our app, including video analysis and providing basic drills for improvement
  • Video Swing Analysis
    • Students can select you to submit their video for analysis
    • As an Online Coach you will submit your analysis via a 3-5 minute video analysis, highlighting key areas of improvement, and providing recommended personalized drills.
  • Training Program Delivery
    • Students will be able to select you as their instructor to deliver extensive training programs that include a practice plan and learning objectives, as well as live video lessons that are tailored, individualized training video sessions that complement the program outcome.

How do I become a Leadbetter Online Coach?

Becoming a Leadbetter Online Coach is an easy 3-step process.

  1. Sign-Up for Leadbetter Online Coach Qualification
  2. Complete the Qualification within 4 weeks
  3. Register for your Leadbetter Online Coaching Membership, Build Your Online Profile and Start Teaching!

What is the Cost?

The Leadbetter Online Coach Qualification has a one-time fee, which will give you the skills and guidelines to deliver lessons and programs seamlessly. After you have completed the qualification, you will enter the monthly membership program which gives you access to all the Leadbetter Online Academy courses, lessons, and additional learning materials.

Online Leadbetter Coach Qualification Fee: $250 + Leadbetter Online Academy Membership: $74.99/mo.

How Can I Earn Money?

Whether this is a part-time business or a way to retain traveling clients, the earning potential is endless with the Leadbetter Online Academy. We take a small commission from your lesson, and you pocket the rest! The more you teach, the more you earn.