About Leadbetter Kids

Reborn in 2020, the Leadbetter Kids program supports two initiatives:

  1. Coach Education
  2. Player Development

Our goal is to inspire and encourage as many kids and families to play the game of golf, and the mechanism to make this happen is to educate coaches first, giving them the knowledge and skills required in order to execute a bespoke program that we create together.


Becoming a Leadbetter Kids Qualified Coach is the first step towards operating your own Leadbetter Kids Academy.  You have the choice once qualified as to whether you want to follow through with this or not, with many coaches simply opting to display the fact that they are.

Taking on a Leadbetter Kids license gives you the following additional benefits to your business:

  • All appropriate education courses pertinent to Junior Golf
  • A full junior program (including schools) created for specifically for you and the environment you work in
  • Implementation of the LPGA Girls Golf program, and the ability to market yourself as an LPGA Girls Golf Coach
  • Full Support and mentoring from the Leadbetter Team
  • Use of all Leadbetter digital assets and logos
  • You will be a Leadbetter Kids Qualified Coach, on the ladder towards becoming a Master Coach
  • We will create your own online booking platform and app, with the following functionality for you to: 
    • Take and manage bookings/payments for your entire business
    • Create your own schedule etc.
    • House your own curriculum and create lesson plans on any digital device
    • Interact with your students
  • Ability to brand your business as a Leadbetter Kids Academy
  • Access to our Global Coaching Summits 
  • The ability to create your own content, learning and research courses on the Leadbetter University
  • Social media support

How do I become a Leadbetter Kids Coach?

Becoming a Leadbetter Kids Coach is a simple 3-step process.

  1. Complete The Champion Athlete on Leadbetter University
  2. Complete The Champion Coach on Leadbetter University
  3. Complete The Champion Business on Leadbetter University

Each course costs $195 and can be completed in 15-20 hours.

Think you have what it takes to join our elite team of Leadbetter Kids Coaches?