Beginning in January 2021, the Race to Championsgate is a series of 48 global junior golf tournaments that seeks to bring children from around the world together to celebrate the game of golf.

Qualifying tournaments are 9-hole events are designed specifically for children 6-12. No handicap system will be used, with each child competing against children in their own age bracket from a set of age-appropriate tees.

Qualifiers from each of these 48 tournaments compete in a season finale in November 2021 at the ChampionsGate Resort in Orlando, Florida, USA. This finale will be comprised of two 9-hole rounds played over a two-day period.

Children and their families will enjoy the best Central Florida has to offer, including golf clinics hosted by our own esteemed Leadbetter Instructors… and even David Leadbetter himself!

Qualification Process

Only the top three finishers in each age group at each qualifying tournament will be eligible to compete in the finale at ChampionsGate, though children are encouraged to enter as many qualifying tournaments as possible in order to maximize their chances of competing in the final.

4-61,150-1,350 yards
7-91,550-1,750 yards
10-121,850-2,250 yards
4-61,150-1,350 yards
7-91,550-1,750 yards
10-121,750-2,150 yards


Caddies are allowed in all Race to ChampionsGate events, but required to complete Leadbetter-approved programming prior to caddying in an event. This is done to all caddies are properly equipped to assist their players during competition. Interested caddies should click the link below to complete The Champion Parent online.