Join us for Part Two: How to Inspire, Engage & Motivate with Leadbetter Kids Coach Leah Roelich

THURSDAY, JULY 30 • 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST

This FREE professional development series serves as a workshop providing guidance and offering support for aspiring professionals exploring a career path in golf. This five-part series will feature new special guests each week offering their advice and expertise acquired from their own professional coaching journey.

“how to Engage, inspire & Motivate”

HOST: Stuart Clayton– Head of Education and Certification

CO-HOST: Gavin Grenville-Wood– Head of Junior Education

SPECIAL GUEST: Leah Roelich, PGA Professional and Leadbetter Kids Certified Instructor @leahroelichgolf


Having a thirst for learning
• The motivation to develop a specialized Junior Academy– Leadbetter Kids, Pea Wea Golf
• The process behind setting up a Leadbetter Kids Academy
•Working with your Golf Club
• Plans for the future