Steven Yellin and The Fluid Motion Factor

Steven Yellin has developed a revolutionary training program that allows athletes to be more consistent. He has a company that works in seven professional sports, including MLB, NHL, NBA and the NFL. He has also worked with golfers on the PGA, LPGA, Asian Tour and most of the mini-tours in the U.S. His partner in the company is former Kansas City Royal World Series hero Buddy Biancalana.

As a senior in high school, Steven won the Florida state high school tennis singles championships and was a member of the championship team. He went on to have a successful college career playing #1 singles at the University of Pennsylvania and being a member of the All-Ivy team. He also had a win over John McEnroe while at Penn.

In his senior year, Steven had a deep Zone experience that changed his understanding of sports. It led him on a life-long quest to develop a simple and powerful program to teach athletes in all sports how to set the subtle conditions that allow them to access what they already own, fluidmotiongolf.comzonetraining.net. There is one process in the mind that when an athlete accesses, the body is free to do what it knows best. Steven calls this process the Fluid Motion Factor. It is not based on sports psychology, but on how the mind produces fluid motion in every sport. Accessing this process usually comes and goes on its own volition. Steven teaches golfers how to access it on demand. It will make you a more consistent golfer very quickly!

Instructing at the following academies:
ChampionsGate, Florida