Jeffrey Epstein, Instructor Zstrict

PGA Professional and Leadbetter Instructor Jeffrey Epstein brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the GLA ZSTRICT Academy. Jeff has been a tournament player and instructor for many years and his understanding of the golf swing and how to relate to his students is going to be a huge asset for everyone at the Leadbetter Golf Academy and ZSTRICT.

Jeff has done extensive work in the area of sports psychology with Bob Rotella, who has worked with PGA Tour players for over 30 years on the mental game of golf. Jeff has also trained with leading short game specialists like Stan Utley and James Sieckmann.  Having played competitively since he was a young child, Jeff’s understanding of tournament golf and how to be at your best when the pressure is greatest will benefit serious tournament players and also weekend players looking to have greater success in club tournaments.

Jeff has an extensive record with junior players of all abilities and loves working with golf’s future stars. Whether you are a beginner or someone who is aspiring to be a successful tournament player, Jeff can help everyone become a better player.

Instructing at the following academies:
ZSTRICT at Chelsea Piers, Connecticut