Careers at Leadbetter Golf Academies

In 1983, when the doors to the very first Leadbetter Golf Academy opened, the golf world’s view of instruction changed forever. David’s swing philosophies and teaching methods revolutionized the way people thought about instruction itself. David continues to push the boundaries of golf instruction with the A Swing, the most significant change to golf instruction in years.

Today, with over 40 academies across the globe, The Leadbetter Golf Academy and its network of elite instructors continue David’s tradition of innovation and excellence by bringing premier golf instruction to players of all ages and abilities.

The Leadbetter Golf Academies offer a holistic approach to golf instruction that incorporates swing analysis, course management, mental preparation and physical conditioning. Our facilities provide the ideal setting for golfers to train and hone their abilities. The facilities at The Leadbetter Golf Academies provide the latest teaching analysis tools as well as extensive training space in a profession and modern setting.

Current Openings

Full-Time Coach – Konnectgolf, Manhattan, NYC

Apply now for an exciting career opportunity with our Leadbetter Golf Academy at KonnectGolf, New York!

This exclusive indoor academy location offers state of the art technology and learning environment located in the heart of Manhattan, NY. This opportunity will appeal to a junior coach, male or female and offer full Leadbetter certification training, helping you become one of the best instructors in the world.

Further details about compensation and benefits will be provided upon selection for the interview.

If you are willing to learn, strive for excellence and are dedicated to golf apply to Head of Education, Stuart Clayton – stuart.clayton@leadbetter.com.