What is “Get Your A-Game On?”

“Get Your A-Game On” is a unique golf-themed corporate training program that teaches communication, leadership and team-building as well as the fundamentals of the golf swing. In many ways golf portrays life and provides a great platform for personal and professional development. This program will energize your business, provide management with insights into their employees and deliver a roadmap for continued growth.

Who Created It?

David Leadbetter Golf and game on Nation have joined forces to create a corporate training program like no other. Industry leaders in their respective fields, Leadbetter and game on’s innovative new program is guaranteed to improve your employees’ interpersonal skills.

What’s the format?

Get Your A-Game On can be customized to fit your business needs and challenges. 90 minute, half-day, full-day, and keynote programs available. Get Your A-Game On pricing is based on length of time and number of participants. We are able to deliver an effective training session to any size group and customized to your business needs.

How Does the Program Work?

  • Certified instructors from David Leadbetter Golf and Game on Nation will deliver the program.
  • Leadbetter’s innovative new A Swing is a simple new approach to the golf swing that can be taught indoors without hitting a ball. Golfers of all abilities and even complete beginners will benefit from learning the A Swing. How your employees learn and adopt new skills reveals a lot about their character, willingness to receive instruction and their commitment to change.
  • Get Your A-Game On has a proven formula to deliver communication, leadership and team-building training in an engaging and fun environment with incredible results.
  • Get Your A-Game On will reveal your employee’s true character as they learn new golf skills and provide guidance into personal and professional development.

Session Includes:

  • Customized training curriculum specific to your corporate goals
  • Fully certified teachers and training equipment
  • Private online community coaching tool to record activity from the session and encourage interaction between participants beyond the session
  • Video recaps and teaching notes for all participants
  • Golf training aids to keep for all participants

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