Move better, play longer and stay healthier

All Leadbetter Fitness & Performance programs begin with an extensive screening to identify any weaknesses, imbalances and misalignments. A personalized program is then built for you, aimed at correcting any issues found and increasing strength, stability and mobility throughout the body.

Mental Performance

Master the mental game and maximize your on-course performance

Golf is a game played between the ears, so develop the psychological characteristics of excellence and maximize your on-course performance by booking a session with Sports Psychologist Dr. Bob Winters or Leadbetter Mental Performance Coach Iain Highfield.

True Spec Club Fitting

The premier club fitting experience

True Spec is the worldwide leader in club fitting, and its expertise has been validated by some of the most well-known PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour players. True Spec carries all major equipment manufacturers and has been named the #1 Club Fitter in North America by GOLF Magazine.

Sidas Golf Insole Fitting

Sidas inserts provide comfort for a perfect swing

Sidas designs, develops and manufactures technologies and solutions adapted to all feet, all sports and for general wear. Our range of Sidas insoles have been specifically designed for golf and offer increased stability and optimal flexibility for better transfer of energy during the swing.

Corporate Events

Energize your business with help from Leadbetter and Game On

“Get Your A Game On” teaches communication, leadership and team-building as well as the fundamentals of the golf swing. This program will energize your business, provide management with insights into their employees and deliver a roadmap for continued growth.